The Cast Stone Company has been delighted to welcome Beech Hill Primary school to see something of what happens in their business.
The Company takes seriously its role in the community.  It was pleased to show Year 6 children the stages in the process of making cast stone.  For many children, this was their first experience of seeing a manufacturing process from start to finish.

The students were able to see how the raw materials are turned into the high quality casts ready for the construction industry.
To mark the visits, the company created the school’s very own stone for display at the school.
The photos show some of the stages and students asking questions about the process and sales.  They were interested in a range of things, having been developing their enterprise skills and qualities and listening to a number of local entrepreneurs.

Among other questions, they asked questions about the company’s brand promise.
Helen Crowther, Deputy Head teacher at Beech Hill School said: “This experience has been great for the children.  They have had the chance to see at first hand some of the manufacturing activity which goes on very close to where they live.

The company put on a great display of materials for the children to touch and showed them how the process works.  Companies like this one show how quickly they can respond to market needs. The children were full of how things happened and talked about it all the way back to school!”
The company intends to further develop relationships with the community.